About Us

In 1976, the Schult brothers started their namesake company doing what they knew well. As artists, they knew the importance of frames, so they endeavored into the framing business.

Their knowledge of wood, metal, and composite frames led to designing aluminum poster cases for movie exhibition companies. It was the dawn of multiplex and megaplex theatres.

We began creating signage for the box office, concession areas, auditoriums and restrooms. Our poster cases evolved into similar products like lightboxes and snap frames, while the food service component moved us along into menu boards and icon signs.

In 2003, the brothers sold to a group led by Jeff Journagan, while staying on as the major force of sales. We became a “preferred vendor” for YUM! Express Brands, as well as a go-to partner for AAFES sites that support YUM! Brands.

Schult customers continue to depend on us because we have continuously demonstrated an ability to create and execute cost efficient solutions. All of our long-standing relationships started small with “homework assignments” that developed into much more. We always look forward to new opportunities and exciting challenges.