Menu System in a Box From Schult IndustriesMenu System in a Box™ 1.0

(Illuminated Modular Menu System)

  • 3-D magnetic elements

  • LED illumination  

  • Stacked layers and accents

  • Changing colors

  • Choice of shape, texture and materials

  • Mix and match from any of our fourteen (14) interchangeable modules

  • 32” Digital Merchandising Module features ARTLITE 3-D name or logo treatment and choice of 32” LCD Display (or Duratrans)

  • Menu Module features changeable ARTLITE magnetic headers and LED backlit magnetic product strips. Available in 14” or 28” width

  • 3-D Photo/Menu Module combines 3-D graphic panels with our unique magnetic strips. Available in 14” or 28” width

  • Beverage Module features changeable food panels, ARTLITE magnetic headers and product strips (not pictured)

  • ARTLITE Vertical Branding Module delivers 3-D illumination treatment of any brand, name or company logo

  • ARTLITE Icon Module integrates our signature 3-D Icons directly into the module design for dramatic presentation (see 32” system for depiction)

  • Text Module features longer product strips, providing plenty of room for descriptions (see 32” system for depiction)

  • 3-D Photo Module adds visual images to your menu descriptions and the convenience of interchangeable components. Available in 14” or 28” width

  • Duratrans/Menu Module provides four (4) visual areas to compliment your menu item descriptions

  • Digital player, software and content services available

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